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Santa Barbara Dog Shelter Celebrates Love of Irish & Dogs

March 9, 2012

Santa Barbara Dog Shelter Celebrates Love of Irish & Dogs

Looking to adopt a dog this March? If so, make sure you stop by K9 PALS in Santa Barbara to see if you can find your mutt-mate. The kind folks of the Placement and Assistance League are celebrating their 12 year anniversary with special adoption rates. And, because K9 PALS wants to be your pal too, your perfect pooch with already come spay/neutered with all of their vaccinations. But wait, there’s more!  They’re even throwing in 4 FREE dog training classes to help you and your inquisitive canine start out on the right paw together! P R E S S    R E L E A S E K-9 Placement & Assistance League, Inc. Contact:  Janelle Ward FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Telephone:  … Continue reading »

Tips for Bringing New Dog Home to Meet Resident Dog

December 12, 2011

How to Play Mutt-Matchmaker Dear Poncho, Several years ago, I brought a new puppy into the family “to keep my older dog company.” That backfired because they fought constantly. The older one passed away a few years ago, but now I’d love to add another dog to my family. What is the best way to introduce a new dog into a family with another dog while avoiding what happened the last time? KG Dear KG, Geez, I hate when setting up a mutt-match backfires. As you’ve learned, arranging relationships between two or more dogs living in the same home takes more than just pointing to the cutest nearby pooch or making the decision based on who you think your dog would like. Speaking … Continue reading »

New Class at Conejo Valley Adult School to Help Decide on Best Choice for Dog

October 14, 2011

The Inquisitive Canine is proud to announce they are teaming up with Conejo Valley Adult School in Thousand Oaks California to teach a brand new workshop on helping people decide on which dog to bring into their lives. Whether you’re thinking about bringing a canine companion into your life , or giving one as a gift you’ll want to attend this “before you adopt” workshop to help you start off on the right paw! Information presented focuses on helping potential dog owners choose the best type for their lifestyle.  This includes details on best age of dog, breed, size and temperament as well as resources for finding your perfect pal! Class Details: Registration opens November 1st! Course Name: Canine Prep … Continue reading »

Painless DogTraining Tips to Help With Puppy Biting and Nipping

July 13, 2011

Painless DogTraining Tips to Help With Puppy Biting and Nipping

I’ve been hearing a lot of this lately: “Ouch! My puppy’s teeth are like needles!” Yep – that’s what puppies do. Bite, chew, nip, shred and chomp some more. Their mouth is the perfect tool to explore the world and all that’s in it. So what are new puppy owners supposed to do to help the situation? The following are a few simple steps those who may be experiencing this painful situation, in a pretty painless way. Know your animal: Remember, dogs use their mouths to explore the world! This means, if it appears interesting, and it’s within reach, it will be investigated. Dogs also use their mouths (and teeth) to play with things, destroy things, and just for lots … Continue reading »

How to Play Matchmaker, Introducing New Dog to Resident Dog

March 3, 2011

Dear Inquisitive Canine, Several years ago, I brought a new puppy into the family “to keep my older dog company.” The older dog was a male Yorkie, and the puppy was a female Cockapoo. I intentionally bought a female because I knew that the male was territorial and thought he wouldn’t be threatened by a female. Wrong! I fed them separately. I gave lots of attention to the older dog, just as I always did. But I had to keep them apart because they fought constantly. It wasn’t “play fighting,” it was vicious biting, snarling, and turned out to be a disaster. It was a terrible two years. The Yorkie passed away a few years ago from cancer. I’d love another dog in my family, along with the Cockapoo who is … Continue reading »

Puppy Proofing Your Home: Dog training tips for new puppy owners

December 22, 2010

The holiday season brings a time for increased adoption rate of puppies. This means it’s time to plan for when you bring your new bundle of furry love home! Setting your puppy and yourself up for success is the sure way to start out on the right paw. This will not only help during the initial stages of puppy-hood, but will set the stage for your lifetime together. As a certified professional dog trainer, these are a few of my top tips for puppy and dog proofing one’s home: Ensuring your pet’s safety in and around the house and yard: Make sure yard enclosures are secure and safe. Including fences and gates. Also look for areas that might be prone … Continue reading »

Stamping Out Increased Pet Poplulation Requires More Than Just Awareness

May 16, 2010

As a certified professional dog trainer I receive calls and emails on a daily basis of someone needing to find a home for their own dog or cat, or for someone they know who has to “give up” their dog or cat. Obviously this is a serious issue. Well is seems our very own United States Postal Service (USPS) is aware of this and has now jumped on the shelter-animal-awareness band wagon to see if they too can help. Last month they launched their new “Adopt a Shelter Pet” campaign. Following their half-century tradition with “promoting attention and awareness of social issues,” they decided this years social issue would target animal rescue! Woohoo! Click-treat for USPS! The USPS also decided … Continue reading »

Questions For dog Owners to Ask Themselves Before Adopting Another Dog

May 3, 2010

My sidekick Poncho the dog and I recently received a Dear Inquisitive Canine email from a Great Dane named Chenpo asking us about his situation at home. He says his human is considering adopting a second Great Dane, and wanted us to provide advice regarding if she should adopt, and if so, how to go about creating a successful introduction. Poncho and I discussed both topics and together we decided that he would take care of the dog-dog meeting on our dog behavior advice column, while I would address the topic of Before You Adopt. Poncho’s Dear Inquisitive Canine column can be seen this Friday May 7th on Noozhawk. Since this is one question I receive so often, I thought … Continue reading »

Dog Breeding: DIY or a Real Profession

July 26, 2009

Dog Breeding: DIY or a Real Profession

As many of you know, this dog lover and certified professional dog trainer is a huge supporter of all things animal rescue. However, I know that many folks, even some of my great inquisitive canine students prefer purebred dogs and would rather buy their four-legged friend from a breeder rather than adopt from a rescue or shelter. Check out the photo – there are mutts, mixed breeds from shelters, from private rescues, and top dollar dogs from breeders….can you tell the difference? I didn’t think so…unless you know them personally. Well, I say that’s fine, as the choice is yours, but please make sure the breeder is reputable, professional, respects the profession and has clear-cut meaningful intentions for their contributing … Continue reading »

Reasons Why This Dog Trainer Appreciates Dog Owners

June 6, 2009

I just had one of those awesome private dog training session today, with clients that just make me love my profession even more than I already do; the reason I love going to “work” (Really? This is “work”?), even on a Saturday afternoon. This very nice couple recently adopted an adult dog from a animal shelter in California, concerned that their inquisitive canine  ”came with a few “issues.” I first reassured that all animals – including humans – come with a previous learning history, with behaviors that might not find as appropriate as others. After meeting this dog, who was very sweet, we determined their newly adopted dog did display some behaviors one might classify as “special needs”, including those that … Continue reading »