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Santa Barbara Dog Behavior Workshop for Pet Parents, Outdoor Manners & More

July 25, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  “Woofs & Waves, Pawsitive Dog Parenting at the Beach”  Sponsored by Friends of the Douglas Family Preserve and free to the public, this unique dog training workshop, focused on beach & park outings, will help you understand what motivates your canine companion and how to positively reinforce the behaviors you want while limiting and preventing inappropriate habits. Refreshments & prize drawings are part of the fun; please RSVP by August 10th. Taught by certified dog trainer Joan Mayer, this course goes beyond basic “obedience” techniques by teaching valuable canine “parenting” skills—so that you can succeed at raising a healthy and happy dog. Loose leash walking, off-leash play, coming when called, shyness towards strangers, dog-dog reactivity, techniques you … Continue reading »

New Class at Conejo Valley Adult School to Help Decide on Best Choice for Dog

October 14, 2011

The Inquisitive Canine is proud to announce they are teaming up with Conejo Valley Adult School in Thousand Oaks California to teach a brand new workshop on helping people decide on which dog to bring into their lives. Whether you’re thinking about bringing a canine companion into your life , or giving one as a gift you’ll want to attend this “before you adopt” workshop to help you start off on the right paw! Information presented focuses on helping potential dog owners choose the best type for their lifestyle.  This includes details on best age of dog, breed, size and temperament as well as resources for finding your perfect pal! Class Details: Registration opens November 1st! Course Name: Canine Prep … Continue reading »

Setting New Years Resolutions for Dogs Can Help Owners Achieve Their Own Goals Too

January 4, 2011

From what I’ve heard about New Years Resolutions, it appears humans like to set goals for themselves with the intention of changing their own behavior in one way or another. Well, since we’re venturing into a brand new year I thought it’d be the perfect time for this inquisitive canine to add his two cents, offering up suggestions to those dog guardians who might want to look at ways to include their dog in their own list of pledges and commitments. (For additional tips on ways you can help create goals for yourself and your dog, check out the latest post my certified professional dog trainer mom has created for our Dear Inquisitive dog behavior advice column.) Why include your … Continue reading »

Dog Training Services Based on What Dog Owners Want

August 4, 2010

Being a science-based certified professional dog trainer it’s all about gathering information. So, we’re gathering data from inquisitive dog guardians to help better schedule dog training classes, dog training workshops, and other events! If you’re in the mood to voice your requests on which dog training services you’d like, please fill out our Inquisitive Canine dog service survey and get your two cents in! We hope to see you and your inquisitive canine at upcoming functions!

Upcoming Dog Activity Options in Ventura: Mutt March Madness Headed our Way

February 28, 2010

Upcoming Dog Activity Options in Ventura: Mutt March Madness Headed our Way

This March brings lots of fun choices for you and your dog. The Inquisitive Canine will start it off with a dog social for your puppy or younger smaller dog (up to 12 months and 25 pounds), followed by a leash walking workshop for dogs of all ages. Then there’s our popular Canine College for learning good manners, and finally the St. Patrick’s Parade Ventura Dog Mile event in downtown Ventura! Each one provides mental and physical stimulation, so come join in for one or for all of these fun and rewarding activities! Here’s a little breakdown of each one: Social for Puppies & Small Younger Dogs Sunday March 7th, 1:00 – 2:00 PM Puppies learn by exploring their environments … Continue reading »

Fun-Filled Action Packed Dog Training Weekend Coming to Ventura

March 19, 2009

Fun-Filled Action Packed Dog Training Weekend Coming to Ventura

I’m SO excited!!! Two of my very favorite Dog Training Aunties are comin’ to town May 2nd and 3rd!!! My own dog training mom is helping out and co-hosting with the Puppyworks folks for this very educational and positively rewarding dog training weekend! Who are these fabulous ladies? Well, none other than Ms. Jean Donaldson and Ms. Janis Bradley! Miss. Jean and Miss. Janis were two of the great mentors and teachers mom had when she was at school at the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers. Mom spent a long time up there learning all about her craft. I missed her terribly, but was fortunate enough to visit once in awhile with dad. Miss. Jean is also the … Continue reading »

It’s back to dog training school for me!

December 23, 2008

Yippee for this lucky dog!!! I get to go back to school in January… Mom’s rockin’ dog training class is full!!! Wow! And that means I get to go and help her! She always brings me for orientation. As a matter of fact, I’m the only dog allowed to be there! She uses me as her “demo dog”… That’s right folks, I get to be the star! But it’s not about being “the star”… I just dig helping mom out…okay, I really like the attention – it’s fun, it’s safe, and it predicts good things for me! Cuz that’s how us animals learn, right?  Anyway, if you didn’t make it into this round of classes I’m sorry I won’t get … Continue reading »

Two New Dog Training Workshops added to our calendar!

Just Added: Two New Workshops! The Inquisitive Owner: A dog “parenting” class. Friday January 30th, 12:00 – 1:00 PM. $10.00 per person ~ your lunch hour will be fun AND productive! In this workshop, you will learn important techniques that will prepare you to successfully coach your dog in everyday situations-whether you are at home or in a public setting. This monthly workshop is designed just for people (no dogs allowed please). We want your undivided attention to help you better understand how your dog learns and communicates so that you can successfully coach and motivate your dog to develop good manners. You are also encouraged to use this dedicated “people” time to really focus on addressing your concerns-without any … Continue reading »


October 31, 2008

It’s official! My new fabulous website for The Inquisitive Canine has been launched! Can you believe it??? It took awhile, but boy was it worth the wait. Thanks to my fabulous “dream team”, I can now be proud and share with everyone all it’s glory! You can read all about my classes, workshops & events, privates training, philosophy, and about little ol’ me You can also check out all the new stuff, including an FAQ’s page, press releases, and this blog… Oh, and you can also link up to Poncho’s own blog… there’s much more…so go ahead and check it out! Let me know what you think! 

Original Inquisitive Canine Discovers Blogging as Perfect Way to Harness Dog Behavior

December 20, 2007

Original Inquisitive Canine Discovers Blogging as Perfect Way to Harness Dog Behavior

Hello inquisitive canine’s and inquisitive readers! My mom Joan Mayer is a certified professional dog trainer and dog behavior counselor. I’m Poncho, her ten pound mutt that knows a lot about canine and human behavior. Together she and I own and run the Inquisitive Canine – a dog training and behavior counseling business in Ventura. My girlfriend Lorrie Thomas of Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing highly recommends blogging as a way to let others know about us. Well, mom and I agree. We’ve decided blogging is a great way for us to share dog training tips with the dog cyber world. Mom will have her dog training tips blog post while I have my own here on Poncho’s Prose – sharing … Continue reading »