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Category Archives: K9 Brain Boosters

Home Alone Needn’t Equal Lonely for Inquisitive Canines

September 9, 2011

Dear Inquisitive Pet Parents, As we head into the fall season and get back to our usual routines with school and work, it’s not uncommon for dogs to develop behavioral issues. Why? Because they go from being around us humans all of the time to suddenly being home alone. In fact, most people think of the “dog days” as being the hottest days of the year, but I like to define that phrase as the ideal time of year for dogs — when they get loads of added companionship from house guests, from getting to participate in family vacations and outings, and from having the kids and parents at home more throughout the day! I’m sure you can see why it’s … Continue reading »

Dog Behavior Quiz: Is Home Alone Stressful or Big Bore?

August 29, 2011

Now that the dog days of summer are winding down and we’re heading into the busy fall season, it seems that back-to-school means our dogs are left at home on their own with the responsibility of entertaining themselves. This sudden shift in routine – family around all the time to suddenly being gone all day – can sometimes lead to behavioral issues related to isolation. Poncho and I developed this little quiz for you to take to help determine if your dog might be bored, be on the brink of isolation distress (a.k.a: separation anxiety), or just hunky dory about being on their own. Q: As you’re going through your ritual to leave for work and/or school, your dog: Lies … Continue reading »

Painless DogTraining Tips to Help With Puppy Biting and Nipping

July 13, 2011

Painless DogTraining Tips to Help With Puppy Biting and Nipping

I’ve been hearing a lot of this lately: “Ouch! My puppy’s teeth are like needles!” Yep – that’s what puppies do. Bite, chew, nip, shred and chomp some more. Their mouth is the perfect tool to explore the world and all that’s in it. So what are new puppy owners supposed to do to help the situation? The following are a few simple steps those who may be experiencing this painful situation, in a pretty painless way. Know your animal: Remember, dogs use their mouths to explore the world! This means, if it appears interesting, and it’s within reach, it will be investigated. Dogs also use their mouths (and teeth) to play with things, destroy things, and just for lots … Continue reading »

Holiday Pet Safety for the Fourth and Year-Round Social Graces

July 1, 2011

Include Your Dog During Easter Celebration

April 20, 2011

Easter Sunday is upon us this weekend. This often means family, friends, celebration of Spring and all that is new. It also means candy! Which includes those gooey filled chocolate eggs, and other delectable treats for children of all ages to hunt, in and out of the home. Poncho and I wanted to send a gentle reminder to make sure you’re managing your environment, keeping all of those types of human yummy treats out of your dogs reach. And while safety is top priority for pets – through management of his or her environment – it doesn’t mean that your inquisitive canine can’t have some fun too! Ever since Poncho came into our lives we have celebrated this holiday weekend … Continue reading »

Dog Training Tips for Chewing Mouthing & Nipping

April 1, 2011

Dog Training Tips for Chewing Mouthing & Nipping

Dear Inquisitive Canine: I recently purchased a Maltese/Pekingese mix. He is only 13 weeks old, but his biting habits are getting worse. No one can sit without him biting their feet or attacking their shoes. I have tried putting him in his crate after saying “no” to him. But nothing seems to deter him. Do you have any suggestions? — Kathy Dear Kathy: Ah, yes, bees gotta sting, birds gotta fly and dogs gotta … mouth, chew and chomp! What a great question! Thank you for taking the essential steps in finding a solution for precluding those “Jaws” interactions with your puppy’s sharp, needle-like teeth. Isn’t it amazing how something that small can cause that much pain and discomfort? I … Continue reading »

Inquisitive Canine: Tips for Keeping ‘Ruff’ Housing From Getting Too Rough, Part I

February 4, 2011

Dear Inquisitive Canine, I recently adopted Tucker, my 4-month-old male border collie and lab mix, as a friend for my 3-year-old dog Polo, another male of the same mixed breed. Upon meeting Tucker I was taken over by his rambunctious behavior, but I figured he was a puppy and that this was something normal, and as time went on he’d begin to adapt to our family and his new brother Polo. However, a few negative behaviors still remain. Tucker is constantly picking on Polo, which is at times a gesture to begin to play, which Polo accepts, but when he does not, Tucker does not understand that he needs to stop. I am afraid Tucker may injure Polo, as he … Continue reading »

Responsible Dog Owner Takes Dog’s Food to Whole New Level of Quality

October 19, 2010

My inquisitive canine Poncho and I recently received an email from an inquisitive dog guardian who has taken her dogs meals to a who new level of yum! I myself would enjoy having a meal at her home – I’m sure her dog loves every morsel. She was wondering if the meals she was cooking for her dog were adequate for her diet. Since her question had to do with nutritional requirements, as opposed to the general topic of enrichment for behavioral concerns, I thought it’d be best to direct her to her dog’s veterinarian – after all, providing medical or nutritional advice would be operating out of my scope of practice. I am a certified professional dog trainer, not … Continue reading »

What to do About a Dog Who Digs Digging

September 3, 2010

What to do About a Dog Who Digs Digging

This months Dear Inquisitive Canine dog behavior advice column is dedicated to a fellow inquisitive canine Harley. Seems that Harley is a fan of digging. Unfortunately his guardian’s aren’t appreciative of Harley’s abilities to re-landscape the yard. What a shame. My mom the certified professional dog trainer has tackled our syndicated column, answering Harley’s guardian’s questions about what to do. I of course wanted to provide my own two cents – considering I am a dog who enjoys the occasional dig. A few simple, easy-to-follow dog training and management tips would include: Reward Harley with a treat, praise, petting and/or a round of his favorite non-digging game whenever he is in the yard and leaving the dirt alone! Provide enrichment! … Continue reading »

Canine Nutrition Series: Own Life Experiences Leading to Integrative Approach to Veterinary Practice

August 30, 2010

Welcome to the fifth installment of our featured experts on the Canine Nutrition blog series. For the final week in our thread, we are joined by So Cal’s local Dr. Patrick Mahaney VMD, CVA, owner and founder of California Pet Animal and Wellness (CPAW), Inc. Dr. Mahaney enjoys spending time treating animals with both complementary and traditional veterinary medicine, helping people and writing. He says, “As there are so many unusual experiences in my profession, I have plenty of material about which to write!” You can find many of his articles on his blog: Patrick Mahaney Blog as well as the column he writes for the Los Angeles Pet Examiner. Incidentally, like me, Dr. Mahaney has a blogging dog named … Continue reading »