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Go back to school and start off on the right paw …

First off, heading into the classroom as a dog parent means one thing: There’ll be lots of oohs and aahs as you meet your adorable canine neighbors! Meeting other dogs and dog parents leads to the development of crucial socialization skills, no matter if you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or you’ve had lots of training. Local classes are also a fun way to spend time with your dog — think of it like going on a date; you can’t take your dog to the movies, but you can certainly spend quality time together in a fun class that’s all about him or her!

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Inquisitive Canine offers the following options for local dog training to meet the needs of both you and your dog:Local ClassesWorkshopsCustom Local Classes

Local Classes

Inquisitive Canine provides a selection of engaging outdoor group dog training classes where you learn alongside — and bond with — other members of your dog community.
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Our workshops offer the perfect introduction to dog training, or for those already enrolled in a class, it’s a way to get in bonus time with your canine companion! Each Inquisitive Canine workshop is a standalone course focusing on a specific behavior, and is packed with powerful takeaways so you can apply what you learned when you get home.
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Custom Local Classes

If you and your dog love being around other dogs and dog parents but you’re unable to attend a scheduled class, then work with Joan to create a custom class! You can train with a group of friends, colleagues, your merry band of regulars at the dog park or any likeminded dog people wishing to learn together, at a convenient time and location that works for everyone.
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Benefits of Local Classes with the Inquisitive Canine

  • Group dynamic makes training fun and easy in a social setting
  • Classes cover a variety of real-world situations
  • Dog parents benefit from both Joan’s expertise and from observing Joan work with others in the class
  • Classes are designed to be rewarding for both dogs and dog parents, as a fun way of spending quality time together
  • Parents and dogs are taught a set of vital skills to last a lifetime
  • Techniques are simple to follow and easy to replicate
  • Both dogs and dog parents get to meet and make new friends
How do you know if the classroom environment is right for your dog? Contact Joan to find out.
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