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Community Programs

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TO OUR DOG-MINDED NEIGHBORS: We’re better together

We’re passionate about helping dog-minded members of our community enrich their relationships with their pets. The more educated we all are about canine behavior, the greater impact we make in creating a loving neighborhood for everyone. For community groups and businesses throughout Santa Barbara and surrounding areas, our educational seminars and Learn-at-Lunch workshops represent our commitment to improving the lives of our canine friends through giving. Click here to see our calendar of events!

Pet-Parent Education & Community Outreach

At The Inquisitive Canine, we always strive to communicate our training know-how to as many dog lovers we can, especially those who are curious and eager to learn. We believe that the more we all know about canine behavior, the better our community will be, for dogs and people.

That’s why we offer programs and seminars for businesses and groups that can be customized for any audience, from short general-knowledge lunchtime classes to in-depth workshops. We will teach you the skills you need to get more (or less!) of what you want from your dog—skills you can put to use immediately.

Whether you’re a HR exec looking for a new and uplifting employee perk , an animal-advocacy group or a property manager who wants to encourage responsible dog owners, The Inquisitive Canine can help!

Our community program types include:

Inquisitive Pet Parent Program

A 60-minute lunchtime session that explains the how-to of teaching your dog to develop good manners and necessary life-skills. This session answers our top frequently asked questions, including:

  • How do I get my dog to stop pulling me on walks?
  • How can I stop my dog from jumping on guests?
  • How do I stop my dog from urinating on the carpet?
  • Why does my dog bark and lunge at the end of the leash?
  • How do I teach my dog to leave the cat alone?
  • How can I train my dog to stop barking all the time?
  • Why don’t my dogs like each other?
  • How can I train my dog to be home alone…and happy?

For best results, participants are encouraged to bring their burning questions—along with their own lunch—to the session. Please contact the Inquisitive Canine for details, course customization, and scheduling an event for your organization, group or club.

Custom Group Sessions

Inquisitive Canine works with many groups that want to share in-depth workshops with their club members or tenants. Sessions can focus on a range of topics that cover collaborative concerns or individual goals, including understanding dog behavior, how dogs learn and communicate, discovering why their dogs do what they do, and how to use humane, reward-based techniques to get what they want from their dog. TheInquisitive Canine ensures that sessions are simple, effective and, most importantly, FUN for everyone! These sessions can include the attendees’ dogs, if allowed by the venue and organizer.

Please contact the Inquisitive Canine for details and group session pricing.

Corporate Canine Training

Today’s forward-thinking companies are offering more and more benefits to their employees outside of health insurance and 401(k)s. Employers are looking to Inquisitive Canine’s group sessions to bring specialized dog training and education to their dog-parents on staff. Workshops for employees include custom instruction based on the group’s needs, plus interactive worksheets that allow attendees to individualize their own training plan to be put to use immediately. These programs help boost an organization’s morale and foster good relationships between team members from diverse departments.

If the office building can accommodate dogs, Inquisitive Canine encourages employers to welcome them to the sessions, ensuring that the employees will get the maximum benefit from their time at the group workshops.

Please contact the Inquisitive Canine for details and group session pricing on Canine Corporate Encounters.

Seminars & Workshops

There are many aspects of dog training and behavior that can be examined on their own. Inquisitive Canine’s Joan Mayer provides seminars to people only, and workshops for pet parents and their pooches. She speaks frequently to groups about:

  • Your New Dog and You: After you adopt a puppy/dog
  • Feisty Fidos: How to solve on-leash grumpiness
  • The Bashful Bow-Wow: Helping the shy, fearful dog blossom
  • Home Alone: How to alleviate separation anxiety
  • A Tail of Two Species: Understanding dog body language
  • The Bark Stops Here: Teaching your dog when to bark and when to be quiet

If you’re looking for a speaker for your company, organization, housing association, community group or dog club, please contact the Inquisitive Canine for more information and pricing.