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Custom Group Classes

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What makes dog training even more fun? Your friends!

If you and your canine are social butterflies but can’t attend a specific class, create one — gather friends, co-workers or the regulars at the dog park who wishing to learn together, and work with Joan on topics of your choice. In addition to problem-solving, custom classes can also be a fun way to spend time with your dog, focusing on tricks or enrichment activities. Or perhaps you’re a trendsetter who wants to throw a “puppy shower” for a friend or group of new puppy parents, or even create a doggie-and-me class with your kids …

How do Custom Local Classes work?

Think of custom classes like planning a party! After you assemble a group of people you’d like to train alongside you, consult with Joan to discuss the needs of your group and set up a training schedule and location that works for everyone. You can rotate hosting duties in classmates’ homes and backyards, or even train at the local beach or park, and you can split the cost of training among the group.

What type of training can be done with Custom Local Classes?

That’s the beauty of custom classes — it all depends on the needs of your group. If your dog is walking you when you go outside, instead of the other way around, start a leash-walking class. Or do a series of classes on good manners or brush-up on the basics. And remember, custom classes don’t necessarily mean a long-term commitment; classes can be for any number of weeks, or we offer single-session custom workshops that pack a punch in one day!

Previous custom classes included:

  • Canine Good Manners
  • Puppy Classes
  • Puppy and Dog Socials/Showers
  • Leash-Walking
  • How Dogs Play
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Coming When Called
  • Greeting People Politely
  • Interpreting Canine Body Language
  • Tricks and Clicks
Ready to plan a fun and engaging custom class for you and your friends?
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