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Online Coaching

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Training that takes a bite off latitude and longitude

As a loving dog parent, you’ll be thrilled to know you can develop your canine’s life skills and promote positive behaviors no matter where you are on the map! No fancy equipment is required — get that same-room feel through simple, effective training from Joan and her demo dogs, all from the convenience of your computer. Whether you want one-off topics like leash-walking and house training, overall training basics or long-term guidance, The Inquisitive Canine offers online options to fit your lifestyle.

– Online Private Dog Training

If the personal attention of a private tutor combined with the convenience of training at your computer, phone, smartphone or iPad sounds ideal, Online Private Dog training with the Inquisitive Canine is the ultimate solution. Joan will coach you using Web conferencing tools and/or phone and email — observing the way you work with your dog, then demonstrating proper training techniques with Poncho and other demo dogs.
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– Webinars

For time-crunching dog parents, our 30-, 60- and 90-minute webinars make dog training convenient and cost-effective. Local and long-distance learners alike can enjoy these one-off training sessions with fewer distractions, via Internet tool, or by phone and email. Topics cover everything from the basics to complex behavioral issues, including real-world manners, house training, biting, chewing and enrichment.
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Benefits of Online Training with The Inquisitive Canine:

  • Super-convenient for dog parents with busy schedules
  • Simple setup: All you need is a computer or device with Internet access and/or a phone and email
  • Get answers to specific questions and training concerns
  • Training takeaways include canine life skills to last a lifetime
  • Simple, easy-to-replicate techniques
Contact Joan to learn more about which online dog training option is best for you and your dog!
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Local or nearby dog parents who love technology but would also like to mix it up with in-person training can get the best of both worlds with our Home & Away Training.
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