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Online Private Coaching

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Want the undivided attention of a certified professional dog trainer you can work with conveniently at your computer? If attending local classes isn’t feasible and/or you prefer to train from your home base in short bursts of time, The Inquisitive Canine makes it easy to nurture your relationship with your dog by connecting you with private tutoring sessions online — even if you’ve only got a half-hour to spare and you’re still in your slippers!

Online Private Coaching is effective in tackling such issues as:

  • House training
  • Walking nicely on leash
  • Doorbell manners
  • Leaving things alone when asked
  • Sitting and waiting
  • Coming when called

How Online Private Coaching Works

You no longer have to battle traffic to get to class — custom Online Private Dog Training is as convenient as powering up your computer! Coaching sessions are anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes by appointment via Web conferencing tools, and/or by phone and email. On-the-go dog parents with Wi-Fi capabilities can enjoy even more convenience and train from the park or the beach on their smartphones, laptops and iPads!

Inquisitive Canine also offers Private Dog Training Packages that include:

  • A 1-hour initial phone assessment to determine your best training option
  • A pre-coaching Behavior Questionnaire and Goals Sheet
  • An evaluation of survey responses to determine training objectives
  • A personalized training plan, with equipment and supply suggestions
  • The option to submit home videos by email to track your training progress
  • Easy-access by phone and email for questions or to clarify training steps*
  • Scheduled follow-ups to assess your progress and ongoing challenges
Does training your dog from anywhere with the personal attention of a private tutor sound like it suits you best? Give online coaching a try with a complimentary sample session!

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