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What am I a St. Bernard?

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Bbbrr…’s downright cold here! What happened? Just yesterday dad and I were out playing in the big grassy field I love so much – just frolicking…chasing my tennis ball, barking at all of the wonderful trucks passing by. And now? Tucked deep in my little bed next to mom – good thing she has her nice indoor studio to teach her dog training classes and private dog training clients.

Went out to potty like I’ve been taught, but heck, didn’t want to hang around outside – although the sun feels good the air is just too darn cold. How do those St. Bernard’s and Husky’s do it? Yikes! I guess I could wear one of those dorky outfits mom keeps buying – but come on! I’m a dog for crying out loud… She has conditioned me to wear them – I enjoy wearing this one cool bomber jacket – especially when chicken is involved.

Like mom says in her dog training classes “Don’t wait until you need a behavior to train a behavior.” HA! I guess she should take her own advice… But hey, maybe I’ll make her happy and wear it for her…hmmm, nah, I’m a dog – I don’t think like that. Although, I might be a bit warmer if she takes me to run errands with her…or, I could stay tucked all nice and cozy in my little bed with my blanky…

Maybe there is something to this domestication process after all? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…

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