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Motivation for This Inquisitive Canine

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Mom keeps staring at me when she walks by… what’s up with that? So rude – what’s she checking up on? Being a dog trainer she should know that staring at dogs can be misinterpreted as threatening. But I know mom – she’s just concerned. Why you ask?

Could it be those trucks outside driving by, making all that noise, and me the original inquisitive canine just staying curled up in his little cozy bed – not barking and running around like a whirling dervish (which I admit is my usual M.O.)?

Hello? It’s too cold – much more comfy here… especially since she finally turned the heat on! To me, being curled up warm and comfy in my bed is much more motivating that running around barking at the trucks going by. Just goes to show you, motivation can change for us dogs on a daily basis. Which can work as an advantage for you humans – helps keep the training interesting, right?

Could this be the real reason why she likes colder weather? Hmmmm… something for this Inquisitive Canine to ponder…

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