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Taking a Road Trip With Your Dog

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ROAD TRIP! I love going to Santa Barbara with mom and dad… Started out kinda rough with mom in a “mood” about sitting in traffic… I only barked a couple of times before we got to the freeway, but she got “that look” and that tone of voice, plus that word “crate” and I knew if I didn’t put a sock in it I’d end up making the ride all cooped up… So, I decided to follow the plan and keep it quiet… got to look out the window (harnessed in of course); then stopped at that lovely park in Summerland… pretty crowded with lots of other fellow canines – and I must say, the other dog moms and dads were quite responsible by keeping all of us on those dreaded long strap things…makes it hard to run off, but I guess they want to keep us safe – and not break the laws.

Nordstroms was great, as always. We didn’t buy anything, but it was still fun to walk around… lots of humans said hello to me. I kept hearing this word “cute.” Not sure what it meant, but they all had a smile and sound giggly when they say it. I’m pretty sure mom likes when people say it too – mostly because I can read her body language…relaxed, then kisses me on my head… not like when I’m barking in the yard at trucks…. speaking of, oh boy! tomorrow is GTM (Garbage Truck Monday for those who don’t know me) better rest up now because tomorrow is a big day! Lot’s of trucks to be dealt with! A nice way to end 2007.

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