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Wind is Not Motivating for This Inquisitive Canine

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Well, it’s the new year and already mom came home with a new t-shirt! She was also nice and smelly, plus seemed to be in a good mood… Something about running in Santa Barbara, negative splits, and seeing other dogs on the “course” (hmph…other dogs…) – must only mean one thing – mom got to go run in one of those silly races that humans like to do… why they run without actually chasing something like a cat or a truck is beyond me…plus I believe they give away some of that green stuff they use to buy me toys and treats…again, I just don’t get it… especially since she didn’t bring me along with her! I had to stay here at home in the dreaded wind! Well, she better take me with her next time… I do enjoy cheering her on at the end. ~~~ Speaking of wind, I normally agree with “Dorothy” and that there is no place like home…except if there is wind and I’m alone. Wind at home is scary – lots of weird noises (where are they coming from?) and as much as I hate to admit it I’m not the tough guy people think I am. Mom didn’t lose all of her brain cells at this race – she saw immediately I was kinda stressed. I tend to get clingy. Plus, I like to keep my tail tucked close to my underneath parts, and I give her the snaggletooth face (she calls it my “Elvis”)…and to top it off, I almost got in the shower with her…I really don’t like the wind…I’m glad mom understands that it’s okay to be nervous in situations I don’t understand… I see her getting dressed and putting her shoes on – maybe it’s time to go places and do things… Keep your head down folks – you don’t want to blow away!

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