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Gene Kelly I’m not…

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Wow, you have to admire the man… singing & dancing in the rain? Guess he found that thoroughly rewarding. As for me? Singing? No. Howling at sirens is about it. Dancing? Bouncing off the walls – occasional spins through the air, but no official dancing (not until mom gets me into Canine Freestyle…some day). Nope, not this pooch. Especially outside in the rain. Nope, I avoid the rain at all costs. Even if I have to go potty. But, mom “makes me” go outside. She is definitely not one to use aversives or coercion – she say’s “life is full of enough aversives anyway, we don’t need to add to the list.” Like going to the vet…I know, it’s for my own good… thank you The Animal Doctor. Or, having to be stuck home alone…mom and dad have to go to work so they can keep a roof over my head and food in my Tricky Treat Ball… BUT, they make me go outside to potty in the rain! How rude! They said that going potty in the house on the floor is even more rude…how would I know? I’m a dog! Fine. As long as I get carried to the covered area, and mom has the umbrella I guess I can deal with it…she towels me off afterwards then gives me a little treat too…hmm, maybe I could make this work for me…maybe I could go outside and potty more often if it pays off. Something for this Inquisitive Canine to consider…Until then, off to bed to dream of mailmen and bully sticks…

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