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May I borrow the keys?

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Alright mom! Thanks for the new license! Guess I’m all legal now here in the county of Ventura. Got my new tags and as you can see I’m asking to borrow the car so I can go cruisin’ – Ya know, I hear the ladies like a dude that has his own wheels and can drive… Hmmm, I guess that’s an issue…Maybe I can go get my friend Dodger or Rummy – they’re pretty cool lads – plus their legs are longer and can touch the pedals. Or, maybe just for safety I’ll ride in my car seat and enjoy the sunshine and the smooth ride while mom chauffeurs me around town…It’s good to be the king. Too bad people don’t take the time to teach us dogs to operate a vehicle – man oh man would we make the best designated drivers or what??? Something for you inquisitive folks to ponder… 

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