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Okay, mom’s finally gone off the deep end… After she got home from teaching all of those puppies in her class today I got to go on errands with her (at class she used me for the demo on how she cuts my nails…I was a real “star”)…Anyway, first we went to the video store…nothing great there. Then we got to go to one of my favorite stores – The Ventura Pet Barn! I love Tina (she owns and runs the place, and gets all the fun goodies that mom brings home). Well, this time she got something for herself! Some dark colored wrist thingy…it looks like one of my collars. I heard her telling dad it’s her new “bling” that matches one of my “outfits”…Yep, she is now dressing like me…UGH! How embarrassing! Why do humans do this? Is it not bad enough they dress us dogs in these freaky little outfits? Now they have to get ones that match??? It’s official, mom’s become one of “those” dog owners… I won’t waste my time pondering this one. After all, it’s probably one of those silly human innate behaviors that would take my lifetime to train out of her…I guess since there are so many things I love about her I’ll just go along with it… 

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