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Stupid & Cheerful… That’s me.

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One of the many things my parents taught me was the old adage “If you have nothing nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.” They also raised me to focus on the better qualities of a person, and of course, don’t judge a book by its cover…especially when the media is involved. I often keep this in mind when I’m asked what I think about a certain specific well-known dog trainer…someone very popular, and who has a strong following… Whether it be a comparison (always meant as a compliment), or someone just asking my general opinion, I like to remain neutral and PC whenever I can. 

First of all, I’ve never met this person face to face. I’ve read their book (so I can be well informed if a discussion of some sort should arise) – Plus, I’ve only seen this person portrayed in contexts where the media has had a hand in it… Editing, or interviewing etc… I can say this though, just from what I’ve witnessed: 
  • 1) we practice different methods (there’s more than one way to make a meat loaf, or in this case train a dog) 
  • 2) I don’t need to have a disclaimer before any of my training programs – I encourage people to try my techniques and training steps at home 
  • 3) exercise for our pets is deficient in this country – partly because of our judicial society. (Not enough public places for off-leash in my opinion) 
  • 4) I use methods based on science and data, that work in ways that allow the animal to think for themselves, and not through intimidation or fear. 

So, when someone says “Oh, you’re like the _____” or “What do you think of the _____?” – I smile, think of how my mom and dad raised me, and say either “Thank you (?)” or “Well, I’ve never met the person, but I practice different methods…” then proceed to explain further if asked, or direct them to my website… When in doubt, I find it’s better to be “stupid and cheerful” (thank you Dr. Joy) than to apply positive punishment.

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