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Next time….law school…or accounting?

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Mom has been SO busy with business stuff – taxes, courts, trademark office, the city government…goes on and on… I heard her muttering something about if she ever went back to school again she should be a lawyer or accountant – seems that all business folks are in constant need of one or the other. Well, hopefully this is just a passing thought because us poochies like what she is doing for us. I’ll give a big shout out bark to our good friends that have helped mom through all of this craziness: Steve Debbas – one of those great lawyers you don’t make jokes about (darn good tennis player too), Sandra Sunken (really cool accountant – always watching out for us), and of course Ms. Alison Garrick – she’s not only a great bookkeeper, but she also takes time to play with me when she comes to the office… Thanks everyone! I probably won’t need to hire either of you myself, but it’s nice to know you’re there for mom…

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