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Changing behavior…Who me?

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behavior modification |noun
the alteration of behavioral patterns through the use of such learning techniques as biofeedback and positive or negative reinforcement.

Why does training your dog have to be such a difficult process? Why why why? Hmmm, well, it doesn’t really. I think as humans we just make it as such…that is our innate behavior, no? ~ Let’s see. Behavior = the way in which one acts or conducts oneself. Just being alive is performing a behavior right? Sleeping in front of the TV is a “behavior”. Okay, that’s a simple one… It’s the whole “modification” process that sends us into a tizzy. After all, if we want to change someone else’s behavior we have to start with changing our own… Yikes! That’s too much work! Nah, it really doesn’t have to be…you just need a plan. Once you have a plan, consisting of a just a few small steps that you can fit into everyday life, then it too becomes part of your regular schedule… And therefore, a simple approach to reaching your goals…

Just go and experiment yourself… Pick one thing you love your dog doing. Then, be aware of when your dog is performing this behavior, and make sure you reward him or her with something that motivate them. Either a “treat”, praise, petting, playing a game. Something they find rewarding… This tells them “thank you”, “I appreciate that”. After all, don’t we all appreciate someone appreciating us.

Simple yes? Good. See? You’ve already modified your own behavior. Now, it’s time to go modify your dogs.

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