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I’m a “therapist”…Pet Therapist that is…

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Poor mom. She’s not feeling too great. She walked in all hunched over with some weird look on her face…not the usual smily face after teaching her puppy classes. And the color of her skin is kinda weird looking…I think I heard her mutter “pale”. She turned on the heat – full blast – which she rarely does since she is the one that loves the cold foggy weather. I heard her call dad to ask him to bring something called ‘ginger ale’ home… Hmm, let’s see: looking sad, pale, hunched over, asking dad to get her things to drink she never usually drinks, turning the heat on…and not doing her regular chores…must mean only one thing: mama’s not feeling too great…which means it’s time for this superhero pet therapist to jump on in and help. Think I’ll spend the rest of the night lying next to her, being still, keeping her warm, and watching out for any signs of danger. Good thing I’m a Canine Good Citizen…since this is just what the doctor ordered. 

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