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Now this was a fun road trip!

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Wow, mom and dad really came through! They made up for yesterday by taking me out for lots of playtime… First thing out of bed dad whisked me off to the field for a nice long romp and ball chase. Then we went on a few errands together. After getting home mom made me breakfast (in my Tricky Treat Ball – which is always a fun time) – then we all went out together. This time we headed south – I was such a good boy in the car. Mom was great at paying attention too, because she let me know…I love hearing her say I’m a “good boy” (sometimes she throws in a treat too). While mom was inside some store, dad took me for a little walk in a nice grassy area – lots of nice smells for me to stick my nose in. Then we headed back home…But the real fun was when when mom asked if dad wanted to stop for a hotdog! OH BOY! That means I get some too – cuz dad always shares with me!!! And I was right, the picture proves it!. I think I heard them say again how they wanted to make up for the dull road trip they took me on yesterday…it was more about them yesterday, but it seems to be all about me today. Which in my book, is great for this inquisitive canine. (*Note: I am wearing my comfy harness/seatbelt, it’s just difficult to see in the photo’s)

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