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Road trip bad…Making up for it good!

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That road trip stunk! And not in a good way…So yesterday, we were all packed and ready for a trip – mom had all of my things she usually takes when we go somewhere for longer than a day… Extra food, my Tricky Treat Ball, Bully stick, toys, those silly plastic bags she like to carry my poopy in (humans are weird that way). And of course the usual suspects: my crate, leash, harness, license, and lots of water. Plus she and dad had some pretty clothes so I guess they were going somewhere fancy. If you know me by now, you know I like road trips…so I was pretty excited – especially since we were heading north! My favorite! 

Well, without ranting too much – we ended up coming home last night…yep, just one long day where I barely got out of the car to play…sure my car seat was comfy, and I got to potty, and they fed me, and gave me water…all of the necessities – just like Muttlow’s Hierarchy – but this road traveling pooch ended up playing lookout all day and night! Ggrrrrrr… and booorrrrrrring! 
I hope they had a good time…because for me it wasn’t all that great…I guess it was better than being stuck at home. Plus, I heard them saying they were going to make it up to me by taking me out a lot today…And so far I think they’re following through. Mom and I spooned this morning in bed – and now I see dad getting the car keys along with my leash and treat bag! Alright! We’re going out!!! Woo-hoo…This inquisitive canine is outta here. Hope you all have a great Sunday too… 

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