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Awesome You Tube dog filled day for my mom!

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Mom had a fun partytoday – for all of the new puppies. I’m not invited because it’s for the youngsters only, but that’s okay cuz dad and I got to go have our own fun! We stopped by afterwards because moms “dream team” came for a visit too, and they wanted to see me – and I wanted to see them.

Miss Lorrie, Miss Michelle, and Miss Amber were all there – they’re all really nice and pretty and smart – I love hearing their giggly voices – really tells me they like me. I’ve met them before when they came down for meetings with mom… There were some other folks with them – Mr. Wil (Lorrie’s hubby), and Miss Anne – she’s another dream team person thats gonna help mom – and Miss Jill (Amber’s friend who is another computer type wizard)… We all had a fun time visiting. I got to pose with the group for some photos – check ’em out. From left to right: N8, Michelle, Lorrie, me and mom, and Anne – Miss Amber had to leave, but I’ll bet she can do something with her talents and photoshop.

Nathan (N8) is Michelle’s son – he is really cool. And oh boy is he talented. He is an awesome videographer – and is working towards becoming a big time director! He was cool enough to take video of mom and the puppies for her website – and ya know what? He edited some of it already, and posted it on You Tube! How cool is that??? Check it out – My mom on You Tube

I’m so proud of her – maybe someday she’ll have me on there with her.

Later on dad took me for some more fun at the field for some running around… Then mom fixed me a nice salad with my dinner. Yes, I really eat my vegies.


During movie time I got to sit in dad’s lap while I ate my Bully stick.

Geez I love those! Keeps me happy, busy, and that endorphin rush I get from the chewing is really pleasant…helps me rest comfortably – can’t you tell?

By being in dad’s lap (or moms too) while I chew my high value stuff has really taught me I don’t have to guard my things – I really trust that humans don’t want what I have… at least mom and dad…Hmm, who would have thought that? I’ll still watch out for others, after all, I am a dog right? But I will certainly communicate with them with my body language if I’m not happy – they just have to pay attention and “listen”, right? I’m glad this inquisitive canine has learned.

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