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This dog is ready to race!

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Wow, another great road trip! Mom and dad took me on a great road trip today… Headed south to visit their friends in Camarillo Nancy and Gordon…and their puppy Kona – mom knows them from her one of the puppy classes she teaches. I guess mom and dad wanted to check out their beautiful yard and the landscaping…but I got to check it out too! And boy oh boy was it great! Lots of pretty places to run around – great smells and everything. 

The cool thing mom found out was that Nancy and Gordon’s human son Charlie is a race car driver!! Check out the great photo – he’s standing in the center podium – #1 !!!  
I love driving too, as you can see from the picture dad took.
Charlie lives and races in Europe right now…but maybe some day he’ll take me on a road trip…that would be really cool. Something tells me mom wouldn’t allow me to ride in any car going that fast…even if I was wearing my seatbelt or in my car seat… Hmm, how to get into a race car…something for this inquisitive canine to ponder. 

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