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Photo Op Rockin’ Road Trip!

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It was picture day for me, mom and dad today! Headed north to one of my favorite places – Summerland Beach Park… We met Miss. Jennifer there for some picture taking. Mom needed some photo’s for her website – but she wanted some of our little family too, so we all headed north for the fun. 

Miss. Jennifer has her own company – Jennifer Foster Photography – She is really really great!I know because she took some photo’s of me before… You can check them out on moms blog, moms website, and at moms office (the studio as she likes to call it). After the park Miss. Jennifer took us to her house because she has a couple of really cool dogs too, and a really nice yard – great for picture taking…mom wouldn’t allow me to run around because we had to take care of business…Mom is pretty smart and responsible because she knows I probably would have run amok smelling and rolling in all sorts of fun stuff… But the picture taking was fun…can’t wait to see them! 
In the meantime, check out Miss. Jennifer – this one is of me and her when mom was first opening her really cool dog training studio – as you can see, I’m having fun with Miss. Jennifer… even though the studio wasn’t even finished yet… it is now though – come check it out. You can take your dog to a class, and see all the great pictures too… you might even want to schedule a session with Miss. Jennifer too! 

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