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The Animal Doctor says my dog behavior was top notch…and so were my teeth!

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Today mom dropped me off so I could have my chompers cleaned. Ahhh, clean fresh breath, pearly whites, healthy gums, and a raving report from everyone at The Animal Doctor. That’s where mom takes me for my check-ups. Dr. Shelly (Wilson) is my doctor…plus she owns the practice. Dr. Kris (Finch) works there too – she is really nice. Dr. Kris always stops to say *hi* whenever she sees me, and sometimes takes care of me if Dr. Wilson isn’t around. And the rest of the staff? They’re really awesome too. They take such good care of me. Mom always has a hard time leaving me when I have a procedure, but she knows they’re always watching out for me really carefully…plus they give me cookies and allow me to give them lots of kisses. I love the ladies ya know. 

The first thing the The Animal Doctor does when I have my teeth cleaned is give me something that makes me really tired. Then I go to sleep while they clean them. I guess this is a good thing… less stressful for me, plus Dr. Wilson says she can do a much more thorough job if I’m sleeping – otherwise I might get kinda upset…(and you know since I’m a dog I have to tell them in my own doggy language…and you humans don’t like that). 
I also ended up getting a regular check-up…saves mom time taking me back and forth… Mom and dad got the report that I’m healthy, and my teeth are in great condition…and the best thing of all, I only got “snippy” once. But the doctors and staff said they totally understood…I guess they were playing with me, then surprised me with one of those icky sharp thing you give medicine with. Yikes! Mom said they’re called “needles” and no one really likes them…including all you humans. Check out the photos mom took of my gorgeous teeth! Thanks to all my friends at The Animal Doctor! Now I can show off my pearly whites to everyone! 
Good thing I only have to go once a year… unlike mom – she goes twice a year. I wonder if she gets to sleep while they clean her teeth? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder.

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