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Wow, mom might be in the movies! And a documentary at that…which means it’s important. Jennifer and Graham are journalism film students at the Brooks Institute here in Ventura. They feel very passionate about the “culture” of us canines, and want to help promote spaying and neutering to help the over pet-population…(oh brother do I know about that… I come from the Animal Kind Rescue animal shelter in Studio City California…I had lots of friends there… unfortunately, they aren’t around any longer)…
Anyway, Jennifer contacted mom for an interview…she and Graham showed up at the studio today with all of their fancy equipment…pretty lights and a big camera. Asked mom lots of questions – about me too. She always gets that giggly mom face when she talks about me… She talked about pet responsibility, dog classes and socials, training methods, and some great tips on how to be the best dog mom or dad ever! 
We had lots of fun… Jennifer and Graham are very nice people – they are working really hard. I hope they get to show their movie to lots and lots of folks and that everyone else believes in what they’re doing…just like me. After all pet responsibility is very important. 
It’s nice they want to take the time to help inquisitive canines like myself. Check ’em out in this picture – they’re really cool… PS: Jennifer and Graham – remember me when you receive your first award!!! 

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