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“Kibble Hunt” for this predator!

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Wow! What a fun day! My Mom the dog trainer and I played a new game today… I’m not sure why…something about a human holiday where moms, dads, and other adults hide eggs for children to go and find. I totally get the “hiding” part – I’m a predator after all, and love to go and find stuff with my nose. But why eggs? Why not dog treats? Well, I guess mom feels the same way I do because she went out in our backyard and hid lots and lots of my yummy kibble – plus she threw in some extra treats too! YUM! and FUN!!! She called it my “Kibble Hunt” – I recall her doing it before… about this time of year. Check out the pictures she took – There’s one where I’m waiting…not too patiently, but trying. The others are a few of the easier places she set out some yummies for me to find… 

Mom really likes planning these types of activities for me. She said something about me keeping busy while she worked… I get so focused I forget about all of those trucks and people going by – don’t have any time (or care) to bark at them… Hmm, maybe that’s why mom likes to play this game…something for this inquisitive canine to ponder. 
You can ask my mom the dog coach more about this type of activity, as well as other enrichment opportunities for your dog – just email or give her a call… You will learn all about this kind of stuff in her classes, workshops, and play-time lessons… 

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