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This dog trainer is such a hypocrite!

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I’m talking about me folks. The patient dog trainer and human-dog relationship coach… the one who is able to fix everyones else’s issue’s with their own dogs… Yep, I’m the hypocrite. Making a public announcement and apology for everyone to hear. Ready? Okay…here goes…

I’m a barker!!! That’s right – ME! I bark…sometimes way too much. Now, you wouldn’t think so. After all, I’m not a dog (I’m trying to forget what they called me in high school, but that’s another story…) But it occurred to me as I was driving around town, Poncho in the backseat, tucked in his car seat all safe and sound… and being quiet as could be. I’ve trained him pretty well – just like I help others in my dog training classes at The Inquisitive Canine. Once in a while I have to “go back to kindergarten” and remind him with some rewards for being quiet (and a time out if he’s barking too much)… But this time it was all my fault. Me, the dog trainer, the one who teaches dogs to be quiet…I was the one being loud and obnoxious – “barking” at all those drivers on the road either causing traffic jams, not paying attention to everything around them… “HEY! The light’s green! For gosh sakes hang up the phone and pay attention!!!” “And YOU! If you want to change lanes, then signal! They don’t design cars with turn signals for nothing!” “And hey you, driving is a privilege not a right! Obey the laws like everyone else!” Wow…listen to me I’m barking again. 
Poncho…my sweet boy. Mama is sorry. I’ve been barking in the car too. And you’ve been so kind as to not give me a time-out! Next time, instead of me barking, I’ll redirect my energy and reward you for being quiet… Extra treats for you – and some “pet therapy” for me. 

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