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My mom the dog trainer barks too!!!

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Wow…and I thought I was a barker. My mom the dog trainer has trained me pretty well to keep it quiet in the car. She has a whole routine. She also teaches humans how to keep their own dogs quiet when riding around in their cars in her dog training classes at The Inquisitive Canine studio here in Ventura. 

Once in a while she has to remind me with a short time-out…but for the most part I sit tucked in my car-seat all safe and sound…not a peep. But HER! Well, that seems to be a different story. Yikes! And she says I can “peel paint”…
Usually happens when we’re sitting on the road – instead of moving along… She calls it “traffic” – I don’t know what this means…but I have noticed when mom gets what dad calls “grumpy” her body language is all tense – shoulders are up around her ears, her brow is all wrinkly (she hates that), mouth is closed up – unless she’s “barking” at the people around her. And if I bark with her, she gets even angrier. What a hypocrite…! I’m just trying to help… Well, forget it. She can bark all she wants – but this inquisitive canine has learned that it’s more fun and more rewarding to just stay quiet – same as my dad does. 

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