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Happy Anniversary to The Inquisitive Canine Studio!

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Today was a day of celebration! Yep, it was one year ago that this dog trainer opened The Inquisitive Canine studio here in Ventura. Where does the time go? I’ll tell you… it goes to teaching all the wonderful doggies and their families in my dog training classes, workshops, and socials…and in privates as well. 
My friend Nancy and her dog Kona really made my day – they brought some yummy candies all customized just for todays event! Each one tied with a personal label for those to take with them… very rewarding and generous I must say… A BIG shout out and thank you! (click-treat for you both)… We had a fun raffle – everyone won something… which made me feel like a big winner too!
The Natural Balance company was generous and donated all of the goodie-bags for people to take home…they also supplied the big daddy of all the raffle prizes… You can see the picture of Sofia – the big winner – Her dog’s Rocky and Mick will love the items too… Premier Pet Products was also kind enough to donate items for the raffle – which everyone loved! Thanks to both companies for your generosity!

We all had lots of fun today at our Anniversary party…lots of great friends showing up with their dogs, and some just wanting to share in the festivities, showing their support. I appreciate each and every one who came out to share their good wishes. I’d also like to give an extra shout out big thank you and I love you to my wonderful husband and own dog Poncho – for all the love and support, and for believing in me. 

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