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First in my age (and species) category!!!

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Mom and I had such a great day yesterday! She headed up to Santa Barbara for another race (dad got a hat, instead of mom getting a t-shirt). Dad and I met up with her a little later because he was going somewhere else, and mom wanted to run with me! Turns out she entered me in a race too!!!

First I got to play around Palm Park – checking out other dogs and people, sniffing lots of interested things that dogs like me enjoy – even had a nice belly rub from some of the other runners… Then, dad and I walked around while mom ran her race…when she got back dad took off to do what he finds really reinforcing – some game they call tennis – I like tennis too – but I play it differently. I just go after the ball and bring it back…
Anyway, then mom and I did our little race together. It wasn’t that long – but it was fun! It was just for kids! Some of my moms friends did it with their kids too…Since I was the only *fur child* (that’s what mom calls me sometimes), I was first in my age and species! Mom gave me lots of kisses – she was really proud of me. I don’t know why, after all isn’t running (and chasing things) a normal behavior of us dogs?
After the fun run mom and I went to meet Miss Amber and Miss Jill… they’re the ones helping mom with her new web site! I really like spending time with them – they give me belly rubs too, and get all giggly cute with me… We got to hang out at the Starbucks (I call it Starbarks!) in Montecito – they’re so nice to let us dogs hang out there…. I rested while mom and Miss Amber and Miss Jill worked on their project.
Anyway, I hope I get to do something like this again soon…because I was nice and relaxed for the rest of the day. I think mom appreciated that. She say’s in her dog training classes to her students: “A tired dog is a happy dog…and a happy owner.” Hmm, I wonder what she means by that? Something for this inquisitive canine to ponder.

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