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Happy Birthday to ME!

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It’s my BIRTHDAY, it’s my birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s my birthday!!!! And what a great day it was… Poor mom, she had to work today – she was teaching some of her awesome classes… I think she was working with puppies and grown up dogs like me… Dad and I stopped by to help her in between classes… but we mostly played. 

Dad took me to the field not once but two times… lots of running around. Good exercise always makes me nice and happy (mom says it’s good for me cause I’m much more quiet in the house and car – this is something she teaches her students too)… 

Anyway, dad and I also went to nana Mae’s house for lunch. I got to visit with her dog Tiger. But I mostly ran around the house…dad didn’t give me any roast beef – said I had to wait until dinner. 
Mom finally came home – we went out for a car ride around town – then home for my special dinner. I got fresh grilled steak for my birthday – today I am 7 years old. Mom said that it was five years ago today that she and dad heard about me, and met with me, and took me home… it’s been a really great life here with mom and dad…they really love and care about me. 
I love them so much, I even like to humor them and wear the stupid clothes they put on me… I feel like such a dork. Mom laughs a lot, so I guess it’s a good thing? I wonder why humans are so obsessed with putting clothes on us dogs – something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…. 

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