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Bring on the explosives!

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I don’t know what all the explosives are about – I usually find them a bit annoying…loud, plus they make a mess of the environment – but I guess you humans find them appealing. Well, turns out they’re not so bad…as long as mom is around. Seems every time I heard an explosion, my mom the dog training coach gave me a delicious little morsel of yummy meatloaf! Hmm… explosion = meatloaf. 

Now I associate the sounds of fireworks with meatloaf! I love that! I think this is some of what mom teaches in her classes… learning by association. Now that I associate obnoxious sounds of fireworks exploding with the delivery of meat, I don’t think they’re so bad… So, all this inquisitive canine wants to know is: when does the county fair start? they have fireworks every night!

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