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Parade of Poochies!

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Today was our annual Pooch Parade here in Ventura. What a grand event it was! Loose Leash walking everywhere! It’s put on by our local private rescue group The Canine Adoption and Rescue League– a great group of folks that help dogs in need. The parade and post-party is always a good time to be had – by canines and humans alike. Plus, the weather was perfect! Not too hot, not overcast by much… all in all a very pleasant day.

We started with a nice warm-up stretch with the lady that owns and runs the fabulous Oaks of Ojai (talk about motivation and rewards for humans), then we took to the path for our 5K walk… Poncho, my hubby and I all walked together – had a great time. I’m so proud of Poncho (my hubby too)… We kept up the pace – Poncho said hello to other dogs and people very politely (what a good boy he is) 😉 Then we headed back and walked about greeting others, and “window shopping” at the various vendor booths. A perfect opportunity to practice all the lovely good manners skills I teach him, and the students in my classes over at the Inquisitive Canine studio.

There were so many great dogs! And responsible owners too! I saw everyone monitoring their own dogs behavior – cleaning up after them, rewarding generously for desired behaviors. Makes my heart sing when I see such great canine-human relationships.

I saw some of my own students who are enrolled in my Puppy Manners Class there too! Of course they were also doing a fabulous job with their dogs – just like in class… I’m so proud of them!

So, if anyone missed the Pooch Parade this year, there is always next year! Come on out, bring your dogs, or adopt a new one, or just come to be amongst all the happy wagging tails!

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