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Summertime FUN!

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I can’t believe summer is just flyin’ by! I know I haven’t been hanging around the computer much. Thank goodness my mom the dog coach doesn’t pay me by the hour! I’ve been out and about spending time having fun with mom and dad doing various fun summertime things… We’ve gone to the beach, the parks, the fields, friends houses, play-dates with other dog friends, and my favorite — sharing and ice-cream with dad! I know it’s not the best thing for me… but mom considered it a summertime-once-in-awhile special treat. 

Gotta go now. Time to go play some more! Hope you all are enjoying your summer too! 

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  1. You lucky dog! How do I get my mom to give me more ice cream? You must’ve trained her well.

    ~Miss Nellie Monster

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