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Pup & Circumstance!

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It was graduation today for both Puppy and Adult Manners Classes. I love graduation day! It’s so heartwarming to watch all the wonderful students (humans and canines) walk over to receive their certificates… loose leash and all… Of course I play “Pup and Circumstance” just because I’m so corny that way 🙂  

I’m so proud of everyone – Sadie’s mom said how she has learned to take the skills she’s developed and use them outside of the classroom to help get the behaviors she wants! How great is that?
That’s exactly what I focus on in my classes here at The Inquisitive Canine in Ventura. Sure it’s great that my students can get their dogs to sit and down here…but come on, if you can’t get your dogs to do the same thing out in the real world, then it’s not very useful. Could you imagine if we were only able to understand what we were taught in school in the classroom but not out in the real world? None of us would have made it very far… Although it seems that many people leave their perfect and responsible driving skills back in their drivers ed classrooms…but I’ll leave that one alone for now… 
Anyway, congratulations to all my wonderful “graduates”! You’ve done such a great job… Keep up the great work! 

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