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Hmm, pretzels can only mean one thing…

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Okay, maybe two things… or more… But in this case it means “bath time”! Yep – this inquisitive canine has figured out moms tip-offs for when she’s about to give me a bath. First she’ll mention that I don’t smell very nice…calls me “Mr. Stinky Pants” – Geez, she’s one to talk – she doesn’t smell that great herself after a run…although I do like it – dad doesn’t mind either – but I’m sure the public would protest.

Anyway, mom first talked about how I wasn’t smelling very fresh, and that  my fur felt “icky” (dad let me roll in something really fun at the park today – thanks dad!) Then she grabbed a few of her favorite pretzels, and said “come on, it’s bath time”…we then went into the bathroom and proceeded to take care of business.
Mom is really pretty smart though. She’s a rockin’ dog trainer – and she knows her stuff. She has figured out that I don’t fuss if she feeds me little tidbits of goodies while she bathes me. She really lays it on when she gets that blower thingy out. She laughs and I get snacks – it’s a pretty cool bonding time we share. This is something she teaches her students in her fun and informative dog training classes here in Ventura at our cool indoor training studio. Sometimes I help out – you might see me there.
As for the whole bathing and grooming of dogs…Something you humans feel the need to do…and something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…

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