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One smart cookie!

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My mom the dog trainer says that some of her non-dog-owning friends are some of the smartest “dog trainers” she knows! Take Miss. Dorel for instance. She was kind enough to take care of her friends dog while they were out of town. This friend of hers dropped of their dog, along with a whole bunch of stuff that’s supposed to stop the dog from barking! Things like a water bottle, and some noise maker, and something that actually causes pain! Are you kidding me? Do those silly humans actually think that those thing will stop us from barking??? HA!

Fortunately Miss. Dorel is one smart human – She already knew that those methods wouldn’t make any sense… Not only would they not stop the dog from barking (hello? have they worked yet?), but they’d also inflict pain, discomfort, and fear! Miss. Dorel said she would never use something like that to teach her own kids…why would a dog learn any differently? 
She and my mom talk about these things when they go out running together. In my moms dog training classes here in Ventura, she teaches others to reward behaviors you want, instead of concentrating on the behaviors you don’t want. Barking is a normal behavior for us dogs, just like talking is for you humans. So, instead of yelling at your dog when she’s barking, reward them when she’s quiet. This is exactly what Miss. Dorel did when her friends dog was staying with her… totally makes sense, right? Yep – and that’s why her doggy guest rarely barked at all…
Well to you Miss. Dorel, on behalf of all of us dogs out here – thank you! For being so smart, and for understanding us a little bit better… I know it’s not the right time for you to adopt a dog of your own…so in the meantime, you can get all the pet therapy you need from me when you visit. 

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