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Miss Jill is SO smart!

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My mom the dog coach has some really smart friends! You’ve heard me mention this before, but this time I’m talking about Miss Jill… She and her mom came out from Austin to visit – And all I can say is, I can’t wait for them to come back! Especially Miss Jill.

Miss Jill is only 9 years old…but, she is one of the best dog trainers I know. And she doesn’t even know she is one! She wanted to play ball with me…but at first I wasn’t getting it, mostly because I’m so used to playing with mom at her studio here in Ventura, so we needed a bit of coaching to get started… Mom had Miss Jill throw the ball, but then whenever I brought it back, she would first give me a treat, then she would throw the ball again! How cool is that?!
Well, Miss Jill quickly figured out that wherever she gave me my piece of kibble, (yes, this is how mom gives me some of my breakfast) that’s where I would bring the ball! Wherever she wanted me to go, that is where she rewarded me! I bet her teachers back at home are as proud of her as me and my mom are… maybe someday she’ll come out again and train me… In the meantime, all those dogs back is Austin sure are fortunate to have her!
Hmm, I wonder what we’ll work on the next time?…something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…

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