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It’s back to school for me too!

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OMG guess what??? I get to go back to school again! I love school! I love classes! I love learning! It’s SO MUCH FUN FOR ME! I get to think, use my brain, get rewards and attention from all the other people and doggies! And the best part is — my daddy is taking me, AND I’m in love with my teacher! She is the best ever…but I’m kinda biased…cause she’s my rockin’ dog trainer mom

I’m not sure what happened… but dad decided he wanted to learn more about me as a “canine” (not just his fur child), and learn how to get me to do things that he wants me to do… Like leave leftover food stuck to the ground alone, or call me away from the mailman, or enjoy him picking me up when I’m grumpy and tired (like mom is sometimes…) You know, all those normal doggy behaviors that you humans find annoying. 
Anyway, he wanted to learn all about it – and since mom was starting one of her rockin’ Canine Good Manners classes today, she thought it would be good for him to attend…just like all of her other great students. So he agreed, and wholeheartedly I may add…I loved being there, and having both mom and dad with me. 
I know dad’s already doing his homework…filling out his goals sheet, and reading through his workbook… Seems like he’s really into it… I wonder what we’re going to practice first…something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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