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You CAN teach an old dog (man) new tricks!

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Okay, let me first say he’s NOT OLD! My “man” that is… But, he can learn new things… Yep, three years after becoming a trainer and establishing The Inquisitive Canine, a year and a half since opening the studio…and my own husband, father of our dog, love of my life, supporter of all I get into, has finally signed up for one of my classes with our dog Poncho! I couldn’t believe it… but he said he finally believes that 1) the training does work, and 2) he needs to learn some of these techniques so Poncho will perform the same behaviors with him as he does with me. 

For years I’ve said that dogs don’t generalize (perform same behavior in similar situations) – and that we need to re-teach them in any new situation. A new place, person (different person training), situation etc… you have to re-teach the dog…it’s as simple as that. I’m not too sure what finally sent my hubby over the edge of not being convinced to actually “believing”, but I’m thrilled he’s finally there! And that he is excited about coming to class and learning… He even filled out his goal sheet and is reading through his workbook! 
I have to say, this has made my day – and is SO rewarding to me! I love how we positively reinforce one another – makes for a great relationship… Now I’d better go catch him in the act of doing what I love and reward him for it! (husband and the dog)… 

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