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I can’t get away with anything!

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Wow class was kinda tough today – not the training exercises per say… I just couldn’t get away with anything! That’s my mom the dog coach – she’s kind, patient, and loves all her students – but she won’t let you get away with some things…especially from me! 

All I was doing was barking and whining at her during class while she was teaching…sure, dad was there working with me, but I wanted my mom… I heard her tell the other students what I was doing is called “attention seeking behavior”…which is something I guess you humans aren’t too fond of. She seems to know the difference between me wanting her attention, and me letting her know I don’t feel well…two different types of whining. It’s good that she knows the difference – something else she teaches the students during her classes.
Anyway, mom instructed dad to give me a “time out” – which means I got sent to the bathroom by myself for a few seconds… Geez! Then of course I tried it again, and of course she and dad were right on it! By the third time dad figured it out himself, and well, so did I! I was quiet for the remainder of the class… Dad paid attention to that too – got treats for just sitting on my blanket and being quiet… now I know what the better choice is. 
I wonder if mom or dad ever had a “time out” when they were young? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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