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Did I learn anything at Hollywood High?

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OMG! Thank goodness I’ve chosen dog training and canine-human relationship coaching as a profession! After all, this is my true passion – something I love doing every day! Something I find so rewarding – in so many ways… Why do I bring this up? Well, it’s kinda embarrassing – but lets just say I’m glad I didn’t choose acting as a career…

I just got home from our local TV station CAPS – They were filming a piece on our local Ventura College Community Education program where I teach my Canine College manners class. Each instructor for the Kaleidoscope Program was given the opportunity to be filmed doing an intro to their class, plus having students there, or doing some sort of demo. Well, you would think that after being born and raised in Hollywood, attending Hollywood High, taking drama classes while there, and working in the entertainment industry for 14 years I’d be able to stand in front of a camera and be completely comfortable AND talented! OMG NO WAY! It was a disaster…at least for me – in my own head…everyone else said I did fine…but oh brother, I’m not sure what was more painful – me going through the whole thing, or those having to watch me? It was like watching a dying animal at the side of the road… 
Thank goodness I have some wonderful students! There were Carol and Rico, Lisa and Ferris, Danika and Sophie, and Emilia and Nellie! Lorrie my wonderful “web marketing therapist” was there too with all of her support and love, plus she helped direct – and supplied me with my designer water like all the real actresses out there! Anyway, the entire group helped hold my hand and made me look good! I say they were the real stars!
I’m thankful I was offered to do it! Karen Gorback the dean of the college program was kind enough to give me the opportunity, and I thank her for that – what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? 
The programs that our local Community College offers are so much fun and rewarding… I wish I had more time, maybe I’d take an acting or improv class… Until then I’ll stick with helping humans and canines live harmoniously! 

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