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Teachers “pet”

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I’m still having so much fun being in mom’s class. And dad is great! He’s the one taking me ya know… Plus, he’s got the advantage because he lives with the teacher! You’d think mom would be biased and let him get away with more than the other students…HA! NO WAY! Sure she’s here to answer questions for him – that is an advantage – BUT she’s also making it harder for him – PLUS, she’s here to remind him to do more homework! Which is great for me because I love to learn!

Dad seems to love it too because now I’m doing all the things he’s always wanted me to do. Like come back to him when he calls me when we’re out on walks… or to sit and mind my manners while I wait before he lets me lick the inside of the yogurt cup. He’s proud of me, mom is proud of both of us! Just like dad is rewarding me, my behavior is rewarding dad, and both dad and I are rewarding mom by practicing together!!! A real win-win for everyone…
I wonder what mom is going to reward dad with? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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