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Dad CAN multi-task!

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I’ve been having so much fun with dad – we’ve been practicing all the new skills we’ve learned in mom’s rockin’ Canine Good Manners classes at her Inquisitive Canine studio…the best thing is that dad has learned he can take “our show on the road.” Now we practice wherever we go, not just in class – I guess that’s one of mom’s goals for her students – to take it out of the class into the “real world.”

So today dad took me to one of our usual spots – the field where I romp, sniff, and play…this time, dad decided to “multi-task” and get in some training – along with the fun time. Mom calls this “obedience breaks” – she also says it’s the perfect place to practice things like coming when my name is called, or leaving things alone when asked…you know, like yummy food I might find on the ground. (I love that you humans are such litterbugs!) For safety, dad kept me on leash during our exercises…I was dragging it along with me – but in case I decided something out in the field was more interesting, and I didn’t feel like paying attention, then he had a “safety line.” Fortunately, dad knows how to keep me motivated so I was playing the game the entire time…
Check out the picture he took of me working hard – running towards him when he called me…mom will be SO proud! Of both of us! I wonder if I called their name they’d come running to me…hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…

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