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I lOVE being an “errand boy”!!!

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Dad and I just got back from running errands together – mom feels kinda bad that she sends us out, but I think dad enjoys our time together… Why? Well first we get to go play on the field, (we also practice our training skills that we learned in moms classes). Then dad will hit the hardware store, or Costco, or Trader Joe’s for mom…but the best best best part is dad will usually find a “treat” for us to share 🙂 I LOVE THAT! See? dad likes his ‘rewards’ just as much as me! Positive reinforcement works for all animals ya know – that’s one thing I learned from mom…  

Check it out – dad decided to send mom a picture of what we were up to… tee hee…not sure if that was the smartest thing he could have done…I think she called dad “naughty”, but that’s okay, mom has been known to stop for “treats” herself… I wonder what mom and dads favorite treats are? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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