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Attention all puppy owners! And to those who know people with puppies and friends and family of puppies: Dr. Shelly Wilson (one rockin’ vet and owner of The Animal Doctor here in Ventura) has written to me that she agrees with the position statement the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has released on early puppy socialization, and how such steps can really help with the development of a healthy and happy dog, a happy household, and prevention of behavioral issues that dogs often develop without the proper steps. 

You can always contact Dr. Wilson, DVM, one of the other doctors, or her staff if you’d like additional information, or to have your dog seen for a check-up! You can also access the story by clicking here.
Just like us humans, the earlier we begin learning, enrichment, developing coping skills, and proper social skills, the better adjusted we are as adults. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be doing this with our domestic puppies – as long as it’s done in a safe way that refrains from causing any physical or emotional harm… Check out some of the services I offer at my studio that fills this need. 

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