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Mom was tough today!

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Oh brother was class a bit “ruff” today – no pun intended folks, sorry… Anyway, it was week four of my Manner’s Class which means my mom the dog trainer finally talks about “punishment”! I know! It’s scary… not because mom would do anything to hurt me, or any dog for that matter, but being “timed out!” is really stinky! and not in a good way


As you all know, mom is all about “positive reinforcement” – but she’s also about using gentle, humane, non-force techniques to teach us dogs (humans too…), she learns the same way! For the first month mom wants everyone to focus in on the behaviors they want us dogs to do…not what they don’t want. Then, she brings in the icky stuff – reward removal! That’s where all the nasty punishment comes in…


Not getting to say “hi”, not getting to walk forward, not getting to “hang out”, not getting the treat… She says they use this type of “punishment” in sports – hockey players get sent to the penalty box, or basketball players have to sit on the bench, baseball players get thrown out of the game etc… it’s all about not getting to play along…and it works!


Last week I was “speaking up” in class a bit too much so dad took me out of the room – this week, not so much – I learned my lesson! Dad kept rewarding me for being quiet – I did slip up once and mom caught me – can’t get anything past her…most of the time anyway 😉


So mom has given us choices – if I “do this” I get something I want,  if I “do that” I don’t get what I want… hmm, I know what the better choice is, thanks for teaching me mom (and dad)…


I wonder if mom was every “timed out”? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…

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