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Good friends and good times…!

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I’ve been having lots of fun with my friends Elaine and Genae. They live next door. They’re my mom and dad’s friends too…but I’m getting to spend lots of time with them – especially since mom and dad are spending more time out and about on the town – working and whatnot.  

My mom the dog coach makes sure that if she and dad aren’t available, they make arrangements for other people to take good care of me. Not that I can’t be alone – but mom says because I’m a “social animal”, if they need to leave me for a longer time it’s better to have others come by and take care of me. She says it’s not very fair to a dog to leave them locked up in the house all day without any mental or physical stimulation. 
So it’s great that Elaine and Genae are our friends. They’re SO much FUN! They come over and play with me, rub my belly, talk to me with those cute voices that make me smile inside…and they give me treats! I love when they come over. 
Genae and I get along really well – we both have lots in common. I love my mom and dad. She loves her mom and dad. I like to play, she likes to play. I like sports – ball, chase, tug, Flyball, agility – and she like sports – soccer, running, junior lifeguard, swimming, bike riding – but her favorite is ballet! She’s really good at that. She gets to practice all the time – and now she’s going to be learning all about something called the “Nutcracker” – not sure what that is, but I think it happens around the holidays – something tells me dogs aren’t allowed at the show. Maybe she can show me pictures. 
Anyway, Genae and her mom Elaine have been coming by to play…and I’ve been having fun. It makes it a little easier when mom and dad aren’t able to take me with them. I wonder when Genae is going to come over again? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder. 

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