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Dorothy was right!!!

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Yep, “there’s no place like home” as Dorothy said… Last night was complete chaos! This wind is coo-coo crazy! I don’t like the wind…it’s scary to me… I hear all these weird noises and I don’t know where they’re coming from. I kept looking around trying to detect the source – but no luck. And frankly, maybe I didn’t want to know where they were coming from…

Mom was great though. She is one savvy dog trainer and coach. She is really great at “reading me”… She knows that I communicate to her and dad primarily through my body language (sometimes I bark but that doesn’t get me very far…she says I’m annoying when I do that)… Anyway, I communicated and mom listened! She knew immediately I was scared. Yep, me, Poncho – the one who has been known to take on garbage trucks and school buses is scared of the wind. Come on! It’s loud, it causes weird noises to happen, and makes things fall from the sky!!! 
So, how does she know I’m scared? That’s easy… first thing I do is cling to mom (dad too)… I like to keep my tail tucked under by butt and through my legs, my ears kinda go down and back, I tuck one side of my lip up (mom says I look like Elvis)… I might have one front paw raised if I’m sitting or standing…I also lick my lips a lot and throw a yawn or two in…not because I’m tired mind you. 
The real BIG signals for mom is 1) I ain’t hungry! Can you believe it??? Nope, too scared to eat anything and 2) I’m trembly all over…can’t stop shaking… You’d think I have the chills or something, but no…that’s you humans, for us dogs it means somethings up! We’re usually scared or sick. 
Well, mom was my saving grace last night. She picked up on it right away… loud windy noises, I stopped eating… She in turn placed me gently in her lap and cuddled me for the rest of the night…then took me to bed with her. I wonder what mom and dad do when they get scared? I wonder who takes care of them? Maybe each other? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…

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